Our Motto

``Education for the success of this World & Hereafter``

Our Mission

To identify, tap and nurture the innate potential in every child to shape a generation next that’s successful, socially responsible and reveres the noble tenets of Islam to imbibe the true concept of wholesome living.

Al-Furqan Educational Trust® was established to establish educational institutions wherein general, religious, technical and professional education is imparted . Al-Furqan Educational Trust® was Established in the year 2005 by Janab U.M.Moidin Kunhi as chairman with 12 trustees.

Al-Furqan Educational Trust® has put the steps ahead by reforming educational systems from the traditional one.

Islam is concerned about seeking Knowledge as a sacred duty. It is obligatory and also it makes the way to paradise easy, but still we persist in following the same educational programmes given by colonial masters, we will not be able to recover from moral & spiritual decadence. To retrieve from this degeneration, It’s about time that Muslim Ummah restructure its educational programmes on such a foundation as to fulfill our spiritual as well as temporary obligations. By virtue of such an educational programme, the future generation will become the torch bearer of Islamic values & play an efficient role in the present world, In sha Allah.

Alhamdulillah, by the immense blessings of Almighty Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala, Al-Furqan Educational Trust® has put revolutionary step by starting Al-Furqan Islamic English Medium School with CBSE Affiliation which provides Authentic Islamic Education and Excellent Modern Education with Islamic perspectives. It also provides the students with superior Quality teaching; excellent facilities at the school enhance the students Striving for educational excellence. The school not only fills the child with knowledge but it provides an Islamic environment so that the child practices his / her way of life-Islam. An Islamic school which caters to the Islamic needs of a child Nurturing and Fostering the child to become a true Muslim.