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 Al-Furqan – is a center for tremendous knowledge of this world as well as the hereafter. It is a foundation for people who want to mould young lives to live Islam as a way of life. Every person who enters this campus will know, learn, understand and implement what Islam really is based upon, bi iznillah. It is a center established not merely to gain knowledge but to realize and pursue whatever we have gained; only then shall we attain success in this world and hereafter.

Al-Furqan Educational Trust® was established to establish educational institutions wherein general, religious, technical and professional education is imparted . Al-Furqan Educational Trust® was Established in 15th September 2005 by U.M.Moidin Kunhi as chairman and having 12 trustees. Al-Furqan Educational Trust® has put the steps ahead by reforming educational systems from the traditional one.

Our Facilities

Learning Centre

Al-Furqan group of Institutions provide children excellent quality education for  their  overall development.  It provides an environment  in which they can develop their Islamic principles along with their academic performance  and to acquire such characteristics as god-consciousness, a sense of responsibility, commitment, sincerity,  wisdom, confidence, honesty, self discipline, excellent personal manners, high moral values and various skills to  achieve success in this world and hereafter .

The   campus  provides  an  environment  in  which  the  students  can  learn,   understand and  practice  their ‘way of life’- Islam. Social influence upon a  child should be analyzed critically. An un- Islamic environment can result in the corruption of a virtuous Muslim’s Islamic understanding, up bringing and values. It  is  therefore  recommended  that  parents  educate  their children in an Islamic school to prevent them from falling prey to the bad influences and immorality prevalent in society.

Our Events

Class X Board Exam

Yenepoya School Mangalore
10:30 To 1:30
March 15, 2017


Summer Camp

Al Furqan Campus
9:00 To 4:00
April 3, 2017


Open House

Al Furqan School
9:00 To 3:00
April 10, 2017


Hostel Annual Banquet

Al Furqan Auditorium
9:30 To 12:30
April 1, 2017